About Us

Torus Chain Association, founded in Zug, Switzerland, operates as a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Our passion revolves around community empowerment and technological excellence. Leveraging the capabilities of the Torus Chain, we aim to facilitate a new era of decentralised, scalable, and inclusive blockchain experiences for everyone.

We advocate unity, partnering with visionary entities who share our mission's dedication. Together, we strengthen the ecosystem, creating transformative value across industries. This unified effort drives our mission to realise blockchain's potential, benefiting lives and businesses. We seek partners with use cases and/or vibrant communities to amplify our impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to streamline blockchain accessibility and scalability, contributing to a future where blockchain integration is seamless and universal.

Our Vision

Torus Chain Association envisions a future where blockchain technologies are not just advanced tools for the few, but integral components of daily digital interactions for the many. Our aspiration is to lead the charge in making blockchain an indispensable and universally adopted technology, bridging the present with a decentralised, transparent, and empowered future.

Members of the Board

Shabir Momin


Philipp Leopold Zahrer


Ramy Copty