Partnership Program

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Join the Torus Association's Partnership Program to promote innovation and collaboration across various sectors including business, industry, and academia, through the use of the Torus Chain. Discover our dynamic partnership avenues below:

Business Partnerships

The Torus Association Business Partnership Program actively seeks to collaborate with business entities such as consultants and law firms who are eager to enhance their client offerings by integrating the Torus Chain into their solutions, thereby amplifying its reach and impact in the industry.

Industry Partnerships

The Torus Association Industry Partnership Program is structured to collaborate with corporations aiming to upgrade their technology or improve their processes using blockchain-driven solutions. Join us to integrate the Torus Chain smoothly into your operations, promoting innovation and efficiency in your industry offerings.

Academic Partnerships

The Torus Association Academic Partnership Program invites educational institutions to integrate the Torus Chain into their research and curriculum, facilitating a deeper understanding of its societal benefits. Join us to augment your academic activities with innovative blockchain technology, opening doors to new research and learning opportunities. Let's collaborate to merge technology and academia for societal progress.

Grants Program

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Educational Grants

Objective: Promote blockchain education and training.

Details: Provide grants to individuals, institutions, or initiatives that aim to educate the public about blockchain, its use cases, and its potential impact on society.

Environmental Conservation Grants

Objective: Support environmental conservation projects using blockchain.

Details: Back projects that leverage blockchain for environmental conservation, such as tracking carbon credits, ensuring sustainable supply chains, or promoting renewable energy projects

Financial Inclusion Grants on Torus Chain

Objective: Boost financial inclusivity via the Torus blockchain.

Overview: Our Grants Program invites developers and innovators passionate about advancing financial inclusion using the Torus Chain. We are keen on supporting initiatives that provide blockchain-based financial solutions to underserved communities. This includes but is not limited to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, remittance systems, and microloan services.

Commitment: By endorsing these projects, we aim to expand the Torus ecosystem, fostering a space where innovative decentralized applications can thrive. In doing so, we believe the Torus Chain will grow in global influence and reach.

Validator Incentive

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Understanding the pivotal role that validators play in the blockchain ecosystem, the Torus Association offers tokens at special conditions to selected partners eager to operate validator nodes. To become a privileged validator partner, one must undergo an application and vetting procedure, meeting stringent criteria that maintain the network's integrity and efficiency.

This endeavour aims to bolster the Torus network's resilience and adaptability in the dynamic blockchain space. By offering tokens to reputable institutions and entities, we enable the establishment and operation of validator nodes under favourable terms. We extend an open invitation to potential validators, encouraging them to join a collective initiative that elevates Torus Chain's network standard.

Delegation Initiative

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Validators looking to expand their influence on the network can apply for a delegation. This isn't merely a handout but a testament to their dedication. To qualify, validators must showcase exceptional performance metrics, including consistent uptime and high operational standards.

Through the Delegation Initiative, Torus Association strives to foster a culture of excellence among validators. By offering increased delegation, we not only boost their staking capabilities but also affirm our confidence in their expertise. Together, we aim to shape a blockchain environment that is more secure and transparent, advancing our commitment to heightened decentralisation.