A dispersed collective coordinates between three independent entities to uphold the foundational mission of Torus Chain as we forge ahead and evolve.

Neoma Ventures

Situated in Dubai (UAE), a global epicentre of the blockchain evolution, Neoma Ventures is acknowledged as a centre of technological progress. Tasked with the role of enhancing and growing the technical facets of the Torus Network, Neoma continually advances blockchain development. Their dedication goes beyond just technology, also focusing on promoting widespread use, and ensuring that the Torus Network can accommodate the increasing needs of a varied user group. Their efforts include developing infrastructure tools, even in sectors without immediate commercial prospects, and establishing robust operational strategies.

A key element of Neoma's collaboration with the Torus Association is their steadfast commitment to community interaction. Utilising various tools, platforms, and outreach initiatives, Neoma Ventures facilitates the empowerment of the Torus community, enabling both individuals and organisations to fully utilise the capabilities of the Torus Network.

New Media Holding

Based in Singapore, New Media Holding is known for its innovative strategies in the digital sector. As a reliable partner in the development of the Torus Network, they leverage their strategic planning capabilities to adeptly navigate the dynamic digital environment. This expertise is vital in aligning the Torus Network with emerging trends. Their role extends beyond consultation; New Media Holding actively cultivates partnerships, ensuring that Torus maintains integrations with a diverse range of platforms and ecosystems.

New Media Holding's influence spans globally, from grassroots initiatives to high-level partnerships, fostering an adaptable, inclusive, and forward-focused Torus Network. Their commitment to blockchain education and research has fostered numerous collaborations with academic institutions, further enhancing the Torus Network's standing as a prominent figure in the Web3 domain.


Trustwise AG, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, has joined forces with the Torus Association to focus predominantly on the tokenization of financial assets using the Torus blockchain. This collaboration is committed to incorporating corporate governance mechanisms and workflows, aligned with the financial market regulatory standards of Switzerland, directly onto the chain. This facilitates the efficient management and transfer of tokenized assets, creating a more cohesive and cost-effective financial ecosystem.

Electi Consulting

Torus Association has formed a strategic alliance with Electi Consulting. Electi is a technology firm focusing on emerging technologies and in particular blockchain, cryptography and AI with experience working with enterprises, organisations and governments. This collaboration enhances our proposition to stakeholders aiming to utilize decentralized or permissioned Torus's blockchain solutions, improving operational processes and unveiling innovative business avenues.


Torus Association has partnered with ReDev, a distinguished software development company located in Leeds, United Kingdom. ReDev has built strong software solutions for a variety of sectors including Digital, Telecom & Media, Logistics & Manufacturing, Transportation & EVs, Energy, Utilities, and Oil & Gas. Through this partnership, we plan to bring Torus blockchain technology to these sectors, building on the solid groundwork ReDev has already laid.

Together, we aim to improve the current systems by adding the security and transparency features of blockchain technology. By combining ReDev's software expertise with our blockchain know-how, we are looking forward to creating meaningful changes in the industries we are working with.

Iconic Power

Torus Association's partnership with Iconic Power symbolizes a significant stride toward integrating blockchain technology with sustainable energy solutions, setting the stage for innovative developments in this realm. Iconic Power, based in London, United Kingdom, is all about providing clean and renewable energy solutions worldwide, underpinned by three main pillars: Energy as a Service (EaaS), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Network as a Service (NaaS).

This alliance is not just a blend of tech skills; it's a joint effort aiming to change the game in both the sustainable energy and blockchain fields. By working together, we're setting up a base for future collaborations that can help us move towards a world with cleaner and more abundant energy, using technology for greener progress.


Enjinstarter's collaboration with Torus Association is a significant milestone in the web3 arena. This partnership not only focuses on incorporating the Torus blockchain into a range of initiatives but also on the development of TorusField, a dedicated launchpad utilizing the Torus blockchain exclusively. Additionally, Enjinstarter and Torus Blockchain will jointly work on various projects, capitalizing on their synergistic strengths, to further propel advancements in the web3 sector.